Why Visit Wonderful Comporta?


Boasting of immaculate coastline, Comporta is increasingly becoming a great beach destination. For decades, it is popular with European crowds and today, it’s drawing sun-seekers coming from all over the world because of its unique as well as portuguese sophistication.

With its undiscovered appeal, alquiler casa comporta is a world away from those overcrowded cities in the south. From Lisbon, it is only a 60-minute drive and one of those 7 seaside villages. This sandy peninsula is sitting between Atlantic Ocean as well as Sado River Estuary.

The atmosphere of Comporta is quite unique. The fashionable crowd of Lisbon has escaped to this magical place because of its chill beach vibes and windswept dunes. These days, it is popular for its stylish boutiques and homes set alongside its quiet cost. But, the earthy and humble nature of Comporta keep it from being one of those top beach destinations all around the world. Anticipate a very warm welcome from those retired bankers, families, farmers and chilled-out artists that are visiting there to unwind and relax.

The charm of comporta would be that live will revolve around the beaches, with most hours spent relaxing and discovering the ocean as well as bleached wood seafood cottages. Beachgoers love sipping Caipirinha cocktails during at those sunny decks; the locals in town drink espresso while playing cards. Children would feel like they are at home, since a lot of Portuguese families would visit each summer weekend, which they have been doing for decades.

In addition, those people interested in watersports could take some surf lessons on the beach. They could also rent some canoes as well as paddle through the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve, which is home to storks, flamingoes and dolphins. A lot of visitors would opt to try horseback riding, since the place has numerous trails through forests, sandy beaches, rice fields and dunes.

To keep the region’s laid back vibe, almost all of their hotels are basic, but with excellent designs which you can describe as boho chic. Most of them have understated palette of stone, concrete and wood. Also, Comporta is flush with wonderful holiday rental villas that are for rent.

If you are planning to escape from all the stress at work and want to be off the grid, you should definitely visit Comporta. You will absolutely love its scenic view while enjoying the peacefulness it can offer to its guests. And if you want to have a little adventure, you can do so anytime. What more can you ask for?


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