Things To Do In Comporta


If you are planning a side trip coming from Lisbon in Portugal, you better visit the town of Comporta. In Portugal, this town has been regarded for its beautiful beaches, restaurants and villas that are magnificent, reasons why it has drawn the attention of travellers around this town of Comporta. This paradise is known for having a distinct culture not found anywhere else. As a seaside, this town has wowed international icons in fashion for being one of the continent’s best kept secret destinations. From the area of Lisbon, Comporta can be reached in just within 90 minutes.

The town of Comporta is located at the lower portion of the Troia Peninsula, which is a 10 mile land area between the Atlantic and the estuary of the Sado River. The area of Comporta is nice a place to stay, have fun and have a good time. News outfits call it like Ibiza, but on a really good day.

When you visit Comporta to stay, you can find hotels and rooms at affordable prices, such as the Casas naAreia which is around $600 for the villas. These are cabanas that have comporta beach themes and furnishings that are very minimalist. You can also rent some of the higher end villas at Sublime Comporta with prices of the villas that range around $670. There is a barn located in the middle of trees and yards, earning a more stylish and sophisticated look that has been embedded in the culture. The place of Comporta is also a haven for foodies and food bloggers around the world. When you want to take dinner, then you can visit Sal famous for their grilled fish and squid ink rice on their menu.

Main entrees can have a price that range from as little as $13 to as high as $50. In Comporta, you can also try out fresh seafood catch dishes at O Dinis along Carvalhal Beach where entrees can range from anywhere between $12 to $30. If you want to get down low and grab a drink in comporta casas, one place that can let you try out local cocktails is in Chilli Pepper Bar and be sure that you can grab some good fortune when you want to catch these at the Portuguese town maybe before you get back home to your home country and turfs. Read more about Comporta and all the beaches around. So get on your feet and prepare your budget as you visit this place.


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